About Willow Patch Games!

This company was started one fun week in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Two brothers, Nick and Alex, got together and built the core game engine for Willow Patch Games. That weekend (and many cans of pop later), we play-tested it for the first time. With a bit of polish, we decided to launch and share our game with anyone who'd like to play.

Our goal is to create a sustainable company not reliant on selling advertisements or customer data. We think playing games with friends is a fun social activity and in these recent times, we've not been able to visit ours as much as we'd like. We're hoping that this will fill a void with your own family and friends, and that you'd help us grow and expand to new games. Please have fun sharing it with your friends and family!

About the Name

On a lake somewhere in Idaho, there's a patch of willows growing by the side of a dirt boat launch. Moose and fox wander around these willows, giving many visitors a story to tell. We've always loved hearing these stories and hope our social games inspire you to tell your own stories.

The artwork above was created by our talented designer, Liz Mayo, and was inspired by the actual lake.

Meet Our Team!