Willow Patch Games Privacy Policy

Last updated on: October 31, 2020

Willow Patch Games (WPG) is an on-line, family-centric game experience that is solely funded out of your licenses. We do not sell nor display advertisements. We do not sell your personal information. Thus, any personal information collected is based solely on presenting the best experience to the members of the community.

What information does WPG collect?

Like most communities, WPG provides the ability to create an account. In this process, you may provide personal information such as a valid email address or online username. Additionally, you may optionally provide other information such as your name. This information will only be shared with those people with whom you play games and will not be shared publicly.

We utilize the third-party Gravatar service for hosting profile pictures. We use users' email addresses to link to their profile on Gravatar, if one exists. Any use of Gravatar on your own account is optional; to avoid, simply don't provide an email address. For more information on Gravar's privacy policy, see https://automattic.com/privacy.

When providing payment information, WPG uses a third party payment processor, Stripe, to process the payment. WPG retains no personal information from the transaction and does not store or have access to your credit card information. The payment processor, however, will retain some information. For more information on Stripe's privacy policy, see https://stripe.com/privacy.

In addition to personal information, WPG may collect administrative information such as IP address, usage statistics, context information such as browser and client, and game play information and statistics. This information is used to improve the service for yourself and others.

What information does WPG not collect?

WPG does not collect nor require you to provide your real name; any identifiers you share with us are at your own discretion. We do not collect phone numbers, physical addresses, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious or other beliefs, or marital status.

How does WPG use your information?

We use information you share with us to communicate about upcoming changes to our service, and various transactional communications, including but not limited to: password reset, account confirmation, and any support requests you make.

How does WPG share your information?

WPG will not share your identifying information outside of our organization.

How does WPG use cookies and tracking?

WPG does not use cookies and does not track individual movements around our site. Third parties we use to provide our service, such as Stripe and Gravatar may use cookies and other tracking techniques. For more information, see their privacy policies above.

How does WPG secure your information?

We limit access to sensitive information (such as email address) to only yourself and WPG. Only your display name will be shared with other users.

We allow only selected administrators to access the production servers. This limits the spread of data within our organization.

We use industry standard practices to store and secure any password you create. We strongly recommend you create a unique and memorable password for use with your account here.

In the event of a data breach, we will make every attempt to notify customers of the scope and date of incidence, via our website and directly via email when provided to us.

How does WPG inform users of changes in the Privacy Policy?

We will notify existing users of our site via an on-site notification, as well as sending emails to users who have provided theirs.

How can I contact WPG to discuss the Privacy Policy?

Feel free to reach out to us via email at willowpatchgames.com with any questions or concerns.