Quick Start Guide - Rush!

The host creates a room and selects desired customizations. Customization options include changing the total number of tiles, how many tiles players start with, the number of tiles to draw, and the discard penalty. For information on hosting, go here.

Game play starts with everyone receiving the number of initial tiles set by the host. The objective of the game is to place all your tiles on the board in a single, connected word grid list.

Tiles populated on grid

When a player uses up all the tiles in their bank, they click the draw button. Then every player automatically draws and is given additional number of tiles specified by the game configuration, from the pile. The first person to place all their tiles on the board (when there are no more in the pile!) is "out" and wins the game.

You drew message shown.

You can play a tile on a desktop computer by clicking the square it should go in and pressing a letter on the keyboard, or by clicking the tile and then clicking the square it should go in (or visa versa).

On a phone or tablet, you can drag and drop a tile into a square, or you can tap the letter and then tap the square it should go into (or vise versa).

If you don't like a tile, drag it onto the "discard" button; you'll be given a couple of tiles (specified as the discard penalty) as replacement. This is configurable and is usually three.

Discard a tile to get different tiles

If there aren't enough tiles left for everyone to draw, someone is the winner!

Winner board is displayed.

We suggest roughly 35 tiles per player, 15 tiles to start, a discard penalty of 3, and 1 for the draw amount. One round will usually take a couple of minutes. I bet you can't play just one. :-)